Welcome to ARLO, an advanced discovery and prediction tool.

Team Members

ARLO is being developed by a team of researches at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. Team members include Tony Borries, Daniel Carter, Tanya Clement, Bill Cochran, Oliver Croomes, David Enstrom, Ben Kamen, Steve McLaughlin, Surangi Punyasena and David Tcheng.


Initial seed funding for ARLO came from UIUC. Current funding comes from the railroad industry to study impacts of increased rail traffic on bird singing behavior and from UIUC to automate the classification of pollen grains.


All ARLO source code is open source. User data stored in ARLO is not open and can only be shared if agreed on by all parties.

  • ARLO Docs (Sphinx docs automatically built from the code repo)
  • our wiki (deprecated).
  • Additional information is available through HiPSTAS.

A tutorial for ARLO will come after we write some documentation for ARLO!