A TagSet is a collection of Tags within a Project. Every Tag is stored in exactly one TagSet.

See also Hierarchy of Project, Libraries, and Tags

TagSets can be used to group Tags in many ways. For example:

  • A set for each user that hand tags
  • A set for an automatic tag discovery process (Machine Tags)
  • A set for each category of tag, e.g.,
    • Spoken Words
    • Individual Syllables
    • Background Noise
    • Bird Species

TagSet Descriptions

Descriptions can be added to TagSets to assist with organization. To view or edit a description, click on the TagSet id in a listing:

../_images/Tagset-id.png ../_images/Tagset-desc.png

Hiding TagSets

The number of TagSets in a Project can quickly become overwhelming. To simplify the interface, it is possible to ‘Hide’ TagSets.

Hiding a TagSet removes it from most of the interface, while keeping all data intact.

To Hide / Unhide a TagSet, select the View All option for the Project.


This will display a list of all of the Project’s TagSets, with hidden ones displayed with strikethrough.


This results in far fewer TagSets being displayed in the interface: