QueueTask Name Database Id / Name
QueueTask_LibraryMediaFileValidation 14 - LibraryMediaFileValidation


This Job is currently limited to Admin users.

This function audits all of the MediaFiles in a Library, ensuring that all files are present and in a state that ARLO expects. This will generate a JobResultFile CSV with details of all of the MediaFiles.


Since Jobs are specific to a Project, we will have the user select an arbitrary project during launch in which to place the Job.

Launching a Job

From the User Home page, select ‘Libraries’, then select the “Launch Library Validation Task” from the Admin Functions.

Job Parameters

Parameter Name Type / Range Description
libraryId Integer Database ID of the Library to validate. If this parameter is absent, validate ALL MediaFiles in ARLO.
updateNullChecksum ANY If this parameter is present (with any value), compute and save the md5 Checksum if the existing md5 is null
skipMd5 ANY If this parameter is present (with any value), skip all MD5 related checks.
updateMetadata ANY If this parameter is present with any value, update missing / incorrect file MetaData stored in the database.


This will set the Job priority to ‘0’, the default priority.