QueueTask Name Database Id / Name
QueueTask_UnsupervisedTagDiscovery 7 - UnsupervisedTagDiscovery

This process takes an existing set of tags and groups them into new TagClasses (Clusters) based on similarity.

Launching a Job


These are the interface configuration options when launching a Job via the web interface.

There are currently two types of parameters; those that are stored with the Job, and those that are set in UserSettings.

Job Parameters

Parameter Name Type / Range Description
numberOfClusters Int  
exchangeMode Boolean  
moveMode Boolean  
numOptimizationIterations Int  
sourceTagSets List of Int Comma-separated list of database IDs
destinationTagSet Int database ID of the TagSet. NOTE: Existing Tags within this TagSet will be deleted.
minNumSamples Int  
Spectra Details
numFrequencyBands Int  
numTimeFramesPerSecond Float  
dampingRatio Float  
minFrequency Float  
maxFrequency Float  


QueueTask_UnsupervisedTagDiscovery will by default set the Job priority to ‘0’, the default priority.