QueueTask Name Database Id / Name
QueueTask_WekaJobWrapper 13 - WekaJobWrapper

This Job integrates the Weka SVM classification on a set of Tags.

Job Parameters

Parameter Name Type / Range Description
wekaFunction String Name of the Weka function to run (currently only ‘svm’ supported).
sourceTagSet Integer Database ID of the source TagSet.
destinationTagSet Integer Database ID of the destination TagSet into which to save Tags.
SVM Parameters
numFramesPerExample Integer The number of frames that are used to create an example for the machine learning. For instance, using 1 frame would have no context. Also this needs to be set corresponding to the numTimeFramesPerSecond. For instance, if you want an example to represent one second, then this has to correspond with the setting for the numTimeFramesPerSecond.
complexityConstant Float  
Spectra Details
numFrequencyBands Integer The number of bands (sections) in the spectra creation between minFrequency and maxFrequency.
numTimeFramesPerSecond Integer The number of times per second in an audio file that a line of spectra is computed.
dampingRatio Float  
minFrequency Float The minimum frequency used for the spectra creation.
maxFrequency Float The maximum frequency used for the spectra creation.


This will set the Job priority to ‘0’, the default priority.