A plugin framework is being added to ARLO to support future extensibility through a layer of abstraction.

The ARLO Plugin framework is based on the Yapsy (Yet Another Plugin SYstem) Python library.

Currently, we define only plugins for adding new Job types through the QueueRunner system.

Framework Components


The ArloPluginManager handles loading plugins from the filesystem, and provides convenience functions for accessing the installed plugins.


A custom Django Template Loader that supports loading templates from Plugins.


ARLO’s custom PluginInfo class, adds additional details to the base Yapsy PluginInfo.

Plugin Types


Job Plugins extend ArloJobPluginBase to add new Job Types to ARLO. Plugin Jobs in the database use a JobType of “JobPlugin” (15), and add a JobParameter “PluginName” set to the name of the corresponding Job plugin.

The TestJobPlugin serves as a template and minimal example of this plugin type.

Plugin Methods

An ArloJobPlugin consists of a class with the following methods:

  • getSettingsForm() Used by the web interface, returns a Django Form and Template to render the configuration page.
  • parseSettingsForm() Used by the web interface, parses a form from the user to generate the settings for the Job
  • run() Called by the QueueRunner daemon, actually runs the job. Note that the QueueRunner daemon doesn’t have database access through Django, so all data access must be done through the API.